Hello! Welcome to my website.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at Maxwell School, Syracuse University. My research focuses on China politics, authoritarian rules, political economy and political behavior in authoritarian systems.

My primary research interest is about distributional politics in the authoritarian regimes. In particular, I am interested in how authoritarian regimes and autocrats can balance their distribution of benefits strategically under the resources constraints so that they can both maintain regime coalition loyalty and co-opt regime outsiders for stability, especially when the demands of two sides collide.

Beyond my primary research, I have conduct studies on online political participation, policy advocacy, authoritarian control and repression, and authoritarian regime supports in China. These works have appeared, or will soon appear, in Governance, Journal of Contemporary China, and Political Studies. I also have interests in Asian Americans and their roles in U.S. electoral politics. I have methodological interests in utilizing the survey experiment method to study public opinion.