I believe the most important thing of being a teacher in higher education is to inspire students to think independently and prepare them with the necessary skills for their problems outside the classroom and course subjects.

I have independent teaching experience of Contemporary Authoritarian Regimes (1 semester, at Syracuse University). I also served as a teaching assistant  (a section leader) for the class of Introduction to Political Analysis for three semesters. My other teaching experiences include teaching assistant for Politics of China, Public Opinions, U.S. Judicial Process, and Politics of Race and Ethnicity.

I am able to offer substantive courses on comparative politics, authoritarian politics and democratization, domestic Chinese politics and Political Institutions and Political Economy. I would also be interested in teaching courses on quantitative and qualitative research methods, survey and experiments, and research design classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Please refer to my teaching statement and teaching evaluations for details

Please see the Syllabus of My Independent Teaching Course: PSC300 Authoritarian Regimes in Contemporary World here